Arielle LaGuette's sound has a deceptive simplicity. Despite its breezy, dreamy lightness, her work also expresses a knowing experience of life and love. Lucinda Breeding of the Denton Record-Chronicle wrote, “Sounds like: If Erin Austin of OKSweetheart got a little forlorn at a luau or Feist decided to leave the electronics at home,” 

Her talent makes her at home in a wide variety of styles, and her curiosity urges her to keep expanding her range - prompting the debut of an eclectic 4-track EP in early 2016 that Virginia's C-Ville Weekly praised, "a solid collection that glides from '60s-era dreamy folk one minute to ukulele surf-rock the next."

Before her affair with music began, LaGuette's first love was theatre. It wasn't until she attended University of North Texas in Denton that she picked up the ukulele. She quickly developed her style and skill, and frequented some of Denton's most iconic venues. Arielle later moved to Florida, where she worked and recorded with Flock of Seagulls guitarist Joe Rodriguez.

LaGuette is 27 and based in her hometown of Austin, TX where her musical and theatrical passions thrive. When she’s not playing ukulele, either solo or with her full band, you can find her on stage at The New Movement Theater performing weekly in the main cast of their flagship improv show "The Megaphone Show." 

Movies, yoga, wine, & cheese; these are a few of her favorite things.